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Laura Rucker - Blogger at GotChocolate.com

Howdy. I’m Laura Rucker, also known – unofficially – as Ms. Wonka. I’m a high-strung, hyena-laughing chocoholic, wife and mother of one. Welcome to my chocolate factory!  😀

I’m the oldest child of two born in California.  I spent my formative years in Washington state. I met my husband in college, moved to Alaska for his job in the tourism industry and somehow survived SIX looong winters among the moose and glaciers.  No, we didn’t live in an igloo, although some nights it sure felt like it. Brrr! We moved back to Washington (Yay!), this time with a newborn and we’ve been here ever since.

We both work full-time out of the home, complete with moderate to long commutes.  We help our daughter with homework, cook, clean and somehow find time to spend together as a family.  Life is good, but busy.

Money was tight as a child.  We weren’t poor, but my mom was the breadwinner and my dad was ahead of his time – a stay-at-home dad. Being on one income, sweet treats were rare.  Very rare!

Laura Rucker, owner and editor of GotChocolate.com

We almost never had pop or potato chips. Ice cream was somewhat frequent, but even then it was always the house brand.  Still, we were grateful to have it. If you didn’t stake your claim, you were out of luck.  To reduce fights there were a few times when my dad would literally set the box of ice cream in the middle of the kitchen table, peel the box away from the ice cream and cut it into four very even sections. My brother and I knew because we monitored this step with hawk eyes. One for my dad. One of my mom.  One for my brother and one for me.   We sat there and ate our share until it was gone.  If you didn’t, someone else would make sure it was gone when you weren’t looking. It puts a smile on my face every time I recall this memory. 😀

Then there’s chocolate.

I don’t remember chocolate being a big part of my childhood.  Playing in the mud as a two-year-old was sort of a chocolaty adventure!  I mean, look at me.  Looks like chocolate to me!  We did, however, have the occasional Milky Way, Snickers and M&M’s like any other kid. We even had See’s Candies during the holidays. Again, a rare treat. They were good, but nothing that left me longing for more. Chocolate was just that.  Chocolate.

That is until many years later when my husband bought me a box of Godiva truffles.

Godiva Chocolate

OMG!  I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now this is chocolate, I thought! WOW!!!

Having tasted the best chocolate I’d ever had, I was curious to try more of these fine delicacies. Around the same time I took up the hobby of creating websites covering various topics. I then decided to join the masses (not my usual style) and try blogging. This meant less coding and more writing. I was sold; I loved it! And I love good chocolate.  So there you have the marriage of chocolate and blogging into GotChocolate.com.

At Got Chocolate you’ll find a wide variety of subjects on chocolate.  If it has anything to do with chocolate, I mean anything, you’ll find it here. After all, there’s more to chocolate than just the food. And if it’s not here, tell me and I’ll be happy to explore and share your find with my chocoholic readers.

I love blogging and I love chocolate. I love waking up, taking photos of my chocolate findings and writing about it.

And I love you, my chocoholic friend.  I love to read and answer your comments and questions as well as hang out and chat at Got Chocolate’s Facebook Page!  Please stop by, say hi and tell your friends too.  The more chocoholics, the better, right?  Let’s grow this fun and awesome chocolate community!  Chocoholics unite!!!

And remember, no matter what’s going on in your life always, “Be happy and eat chocolate!”

Have a wonderful chocolaty day!

Laura Rucker  😀
Owner & Editor, GotChocolate.com
Email: laura (at) gotchocolate (dot) com