My Chocolaty World – Christmas!

My Chocolaty World - Christmas!


Whew!  I truly can’t believe Christmas has already come and gone.  The saying, “Time goes by faster the older you get” is so true.

Somebody make it slow down, please!  I’d like to hit the repeat button on a few things, if you don’t mind — Christmas lights, holiday treats, a smidgen of snow…  OK, I really don’t like snow… holiday treats… oops, I already said that!

I decided to start the new year with a segment aptly named, My Chocolaty World, to share with you a little bit (or bite? Ha!) about my life and some of my chocolate-filled days.  I swear chocolate is everywhere if you look for it.  It’s just like when you get something new – jacket, shoes, phone, car  – you start seeing these things at almost every turn.  The fact is, it was most likely there all along.

So, let’s get started on my first installment of My Chocolaty World with the holidays!

The Christmas season started off with my husband, daughter and I heading to the mountains to cut down a Christmas tree.  Another family started this tradition over 30 years ago and they’ve included us in this adventure ever since we moved back from Alaska — almost 15 years now.  We usually go the weekend after Thanksgiving, but some years are hit-or-miss since not everyone is in town that weekend.

With our $10 tree-cutting permits purchased, everyone headed to the town of Roslyn, WA (where Northern Exposure was filmed) to meet for breakfast.  Bloody Marys, omelets, bacon and sourdough toast were consumed in a cute little rustic restaurant.  With fueled bodies we headed to the hills to cut our Christmas trees.

Chrsitmas tree hunt

From Roslyn we drove to Salmon La Sac in the Wenatchee National Forest.  The snow was about 6″ deep, but between four-wheel drive vehicles and snow boots everyone cut and carried their tree out within an hour.  With a few hours of daylight to burn, we drove a couple miles back down the mountain, found a flat spot to park all the vehicles and built a fire.  We ate snacks, drank beer and wine, laughed and had a good time doing nothing other than enjoying the outdoors and each other.  Campfires and booze are good for that.  Simply magical.  Well, campfires are, at least!

Shortly after darkness set in, we decided to pack up and head to the cabin of a friend who was generous enough to let us crash there for the night for FREE!


I could easily live in that cabin.


Absolutely beautiful!

A good time was had by all.  Even our dog, Ginger, had a great time of sleeping and eating whatever was given to her or dropped on the floor.

The month of December was quite busy with work.  Long hours and traveling to Chicago for a week-long training session on our new computer system wore me out.  Chicago-style pizza and chocolate were involved though.  These two things alone got me through the week away from home.  Another post to follow on that very topic, of course.  But with work zapping most of my time and energy, I was disappointed to discover mid-December I didn’t foresee any “free” time to make a Gingerbread House.  🙁  I usually make the gingerbread walls from scratch, invite my daughter’s friends over and we all make our own unique gingerbread houses.  I absolutely enjoy every minute of it.  They literally take hours to make.

Next year, for sure!


Like most working stiffs, I spend most of my awake hours at work.  Because of this, I keep a few goofy things at my desk to keep me entertained, if not for only a second or two.   My moose keep a watchful eye on me at work.  I like moose.  They are one of the very few things I miss about Alaska.  They also look like chocolate.  Just sayin’.  😉

sunrise near Starbucks store

I always take time to look at pretty sunrises (and sunsets).  Even when standing in the freezing cold while waiting for my very rare Starbucks drink to be made.

Nutcrackers at Salty's in Des Moines, WA

My mother-in-law invited us to eat at Salty’s for their mouth-watering Sunday brunch.  This seems to have also turned into an annual tradition when everyone is in town.  Yumm-Y!

Godiva gift basket

There’s usually a never-ending supply of food at work.  The holidays are no exception.  One of our vendors gave us a Godiva gift basket!

We feasted on it like it was a plate of bacon.  Yeah, it was a productive day work-wise.

Theo and Chukar chocolate bars at REI

Who knew REI sold chocolate bars?  Not I!  I noticed they don’t sell just any chocolate though — only the really decadent, local brands like Theo and Chukar!  I’ve always liked this store for their clothes.  Now I love them for selling quality chocolate!

homemade chocolate chip cookies

My teenaged daughter decided to make chocolate chip cookies and give them to her friends as Christmas gifts.  Love it!

Prime example that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.


 We also went to my mom’s place for the first round of Christmas gift-exchanging.  There was a wee bit of snow.  My fav.  :\  At least the kids had fun!

5 lb. Hershey's chocolate bar

My nephew bought me a 5 lb. Hershey’s chocolate bar!  (affiliate link)  I will be happily blogging the consumption of this throughout the year!  🙂

neighbor's Christmas lights

 One of our neighbor’s a few streets over really likes Christmas lights.  A lot.  So beautiful!  I sniffle a little when he takes them down each year.

Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait

And, what better way to end 2013 than with a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen?!?  Yum, yum!  I made sure to wear my sweatpants.

So tell me, did you have a nice Christmas and New Year’s?  Do you have any holiday traditions you do?  I’d love to hear them!

HAPPY 2014!!!

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